2013 EcoFellows: Araba Taylor

It’s one of our favorite times of the year – when we welcome a new group of smart and talented recent graduates to CET as EcoFellows. The EcoFellowship enables us to train and help develop rising young stars in the field, who in turn help us learn, grow, and further our mission.

This month, our 2013 class of EcoFellows will join us, drawing on their diverse educations and experiences. We’ll be introducing them all here, on our blog. Stay tuned!

Araba Taylor

A Smith College (’13) graduate looking to build a career in educational and environmental policy, Araba will work with EcoBuilding Bargains and our Green Homes and Outreach teams to help make green living a reality for local families.

Q: How did you come to choose environmental work as a career?IMG_8860

In my past work I’ve done a lot with human rights and international policy. I feel like the transition from those topics to environmental work is seamless considering what’s a more basic right than clean water, air and food? The effects of climate change are felt disproportionally on politically underrepresented communities and that is something I hope to work towards changing.

Q: What will you be doing during your EcoFellowship at CET?

I am working as an Energy Efficiency Education and Outreach EcoFellow and my job essentially is to spread the word about the programs at CET and how they can help people.

Q: What do you see as our greatest environmental challenge, as a society?

Indifference and people feeling powerless about environmental issues are the greatest challenges. When people think there’s nothing they can do about an issue they become indifferent to it and this is a huge barrier to any meaningful action.

Q: If you could nominate one small act that every person could take to improve our environmental situation, what would it be?

No-cost energy assessments from CET! And reduce. A simple way to start is by buying a refillable water bottle rather than continuously using plastic ones. This way people can really start to think about their consumption versus the amount of waste that they produce.

Q: What does your generation have to offer the environmental movement?

I think most of us have grown up with an awareness of the environment and the changes that are happening globally. This awareness in conjunction with present and future technological innovations means that we have the capacity to create viable and sustainable high tech and low tech solutions.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to read, cook, watch dramatic television shows, do outdoorsy things and random DIY projects.


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