5 Easy Ways to “Green” your Super Bowl Party

It’s almost time for the big game! When planning your party, keep in mind these easy ways to make it more environmentally-friendly and affordable!

1. Watch the Game Together

Gather a large group of friends to watch the game on one TV! This will reduce the amount of electricity used while cheering on your favorite team.

2. Carpool to the Party

Encourage your guests to carpool to your house to reduce carbon emissions and the number of cars that have to fit in your driveway!

3. Make Your Own Food

Buy ingredients in bulk and make your own food at home to reduce waste and save money! Pre-made food is often sold in a lot of plastic packaging, especially when served as individual portions.

4. Buy Beverages in Bulk

Buying large bottles is often less expensive than buying individual cans and saves you the hassle of dealing with recycling a pile of all of those empty cans!

5. Don’t Throw Away Leftovers

Reduce wasted food by distributing any leftovers among your guests to take home, freezing or saving them for future meals, donating them to those in need, or composting them instead of putting them in the garbage.

By Chiara Favaloro, Marketing Fellow ’17

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