CET’s History

The Center for EcoTechnology, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1976 “to research, develop, demonstrate and promote those technologies which have the least disruptive impact on the natural ecology of the Earth.”

From offices in Pittsfield, Northampton and Springfield, the Center for EcoTechnology has become a local, regional and national leader in promoting a sustainable path for the region. Our staff of over 60 professionals have expertise in energy efficiency, waste reduction and renewable resources.

Our extensive history can best be shared through a few accomplishments through the decades that highlight our vision, innovative approaches, technical and science based foundation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Browse our accomplishments by decade below.





1970s – Heightened awareness of the environment signified by first Earth Day, national environmental legislation (Clean Air and Clean Water acts, National Energy Act) and establishment of EPA; decade of oil crises and oil embargo.

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