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The EcoFellowship Program is a one-year paid fellowship position to work with CET staff and other fellows to carry out community outreach, school education, and other activities related to climate action initiatives and educational programming in western Massachusetts.

Activities support CET’s initiatives to assist residents, students, institutions and businesses across the region in ongoing programs in energy efficiency, home energy services, renewable energy, and waste reduction through recycling, reuse and home composting. Fellows are based in one of CET’s locations: Pittsfield, Northampton, or Springfield, where they will serve communities in the region.

Fellows operate in three main areas: Community Outreach, Green Business, and Marketing & Digital Communications which works across the entire organization. Read more about the positions below!


Marketing EcoFellowship: High Performance Building Focus
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Aliza Heeren ’17 films video case study

This fellowship works within the Marketing Department and helps promote our work in High Performance Building. This includes building case studies (written and video), writing blog content, managing social media, and more.

Some skills you will learn: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, SEO, a basic understanding of building science, Massachusetts building policies that increase efficiency

“I didn’t really have a good understanding of what marketing was before I started, and the word itself was off-putting because it wasn’t something I ever saw myself doing, but I’ve learned that a lot of marketing is just writing and telling stories about what we do to connect with our audience more effectively. It’s exciting to work at an organization that makes concrete environmental impact every day, and getting to bring that story out into the world is really rewarding.” – Current Fellow, Aliza Heeren

Marketing EcoFellowship: Digital Communications Focus
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Chiara Favaloro ’17 created an Instagram for EcoBuilding Bargains

This fellowship works within the Marketing Department focusing on our digital communications across all departments including our store, EcoBuilding Bargains. This includes assisting in press campaigns, creating video case studies, managing social media, writing blog content, and more.

Some skills you will learn: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, SEO, Campaign Planning, Graphic Design, Working as a Part of a Team

“You’ll have the opportunity to experience many different forms of communication and marketing, make sure you try them all out!” – Current Fellow, Chiara Favaloro

Green Business EcoFellowship – One Placement
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Supervised by a Program Lead

This fellowship is placed in the Programs and Operations team and supports and assists statewide and region-wide

Matt Brodeur ’17 delivers bins for mercury recycling

initiatives and programs focused on helping businesses save energy and reduce waste. This includes working with our RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts program through the MassDEP, the Mass. Farm Energy Program, region-wide mercury diversion, and energy efficiency programs for businesses in the region. Support includes research and analysis projects, working with stakeholders, administrative, programmatic, writing, and outreach and education.

Some skills you will learn: Salesforce, Hootsuite, SEO, in-depth familiarity with food waste and recycling industries, how to make usability improvements to a website, user experience testing

“Along with having a foundational understanding about the waste system and environmental issues, the most important things to bring to the fellowship are a drive to learn and passion for CET’s mission.” – Current Fellow, Matt Brodeur

Community Outreach EcoFellowship (Two Placements)

Lexie Vining 17 tabling at a local fair

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These fellowships help coordinate and perform CET’s outreach activities in Western Massachusetts communities

through outreach and education initiatives in the areas of efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction such as home composting, recycling and reuse. Learn the basics of building science, recycling and composting, Salesforce database, content development, and grant/report writing. Proficiency in Spanish a plus.

Katie Costantini ’17 presenting to senior citizens

Some skills you will learn: short and long-term event planning skills, professional communication skills, strong work values, public speaking, learning new concepts quickly and being able to explain and present to others

Current fellow Katie Costantini notes that some weeks are very busy with presentations and events and projects. Other weeks you have more downtime, which you should definitely use to prepare and recuperate and reenergize for the next busy period.

“As an outreach fellow, no two days are the same and my advice is to be creative with your work in trying new ways of doing things; whether that is event planning or reaching out to new businesses, organizations or institutions.” – Current Fellow, Lexi Vining




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