We Can Help You Build Green!

By Kevin Pink, Customer Service & Marketing Assistant

You may know the Center for EcoTechnology as people who help you save energy and money on your utility bills through no-cost home energy assessments and practical advice. Those are great ways to save money with an existing home, but who do you turn to when you want to build a new home? What about when you need some testing on your home, or when you need to make sure your home complies with the energy code? What if you’re trying to get some type of energy-efficiency certification?

Good news! We can help with you with all of that, too! Our highly-accredited green building experts have performed over 2,000 HERS ratings, and offer a multitude of services to understand how your home uses energy, or to design a high-efficiency home for you and your family. In this era of rising energy prices, having a home that uses energy efficiently can help you save big. It’s not only that- when you sell your home, you can use the lower utility costs as a selling point for potential buyers. Our team can assist you, whether you’re upgrading an existing home or building a new one. We’ve even performed a HERS rating on an energy-efficient home insulated with bales of straw!

We also offer many services that help builders! Our staff are experts at certifying LEED for Homes (Silver, Gold, and Platinum), Passive House, and ENERGY STAR for Homes. Builders with clients in towns that have adopted stretch energy code can rely on our team throughout the process to help them ensure compliance as the project is completed.

For example, one of our energy raters was involved throughout the design and construction process of Olympia Oaks, a 42-unit affordable housing development in Amherst. Over the course of this project, in concert with Kuhn Riddle Architects and Keith Construction Contractors, our rater analyzed the plans, conducted periodic assessments, and completed the ENERGY STAR certification. As a result, the project was able to benefit from financial incentives as part of the Mass Save program due to its low HERS rating and ENERGY STAR certification, which made the project financially feasible.

Olympia Oaks case study

Olympia Oaks case study

When Wright Builders set out to build the Village Hill development in Northampton, aimed to design living spaces that were energy-efficient in order to promote both comfort and affordability. To assist them in achieving their goals, Wright Builders reached out to the Center for EcoTechnology for LEED and ENERGY STAR certification, and appreciated our home energy raters for keeping his team informed and on-track. Wright Builders believes that LEED and ENERGY STAR certification give home buyers “an added level of insurance” because they know that quality materials and building practices have been used in a building’s construction.


Village Hill case study

If you’re building a new home, have some questions about local energy code, or just want to know how efficiently your current home uses energy, check out our Green Building Services page for more information about how we can help.

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