EcoFellow Alumni Spotlight

By Aliza Heeren, Marketing and High Performance Building Fellow

We recently traveled to Boston to catch up with the 2015-2016 Outreach and Education Fellows, Claire Cuozzo and Diana Vasquez. Since graduating from the EcoFellowship last May, Claire has moved on to a position as a Marketing Project Manager at CLEAResult, while Diana is working as the Development and Events Coordinator at The Social Innovation Forum. CLEAResult is a national organization focused on large scale energy efficiency, while The Social Innovation Forum works to connect local innovators with support and resources to increase their impact ans social change.  Both Claire and Diana are excited to be continuing to make positive environmental and social impact in their new positions and are grateful for the start they received from the EcoFellowship and CET.

Learn more about what Claire and Diana are doing now, and how their experience with the EcoFellowship prepared them for their current positions:

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The EcoFellow Experience: Chiara Favaloro

Hello! I’m Chiara Favaloro, the current Marketing Fellow at CET. Last May I graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges where I studied Anthropology, Sociology, European Studies, and Dance. Which may make you question how I ended up working for an environmental non-profit. Well, I knew that I wanted to pursue marketing and communications after completing a summer internship with a PR agency in New York City. However, I still wasn’t sure which type of company, products, or services I would want to promote. When I heard about CET’s EcoFellowship program from my older sister Sonja, a former EcoFellow, I was excited about the company’s mission and all of the unique opportunities that the EcoFellowship offers. Although I do not have an academic environmental background, I have always been passionate about sustainability, so promoting the mission and sustainable actions that CET offers seemed like something I would genuinely be excited to promote. This has definitely been true, and I have really enjoyed the past six months of my EcoFellowship; here are some reasons why:

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The EcoFellow Experience: Katie Costantini


Today marks six months into the 2016-2017 EcoFellowship! So far, I have learned so much about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction through my outreach and education work as well as collaboration with the other fellows.

I graduated from Williams College last June, where I majored in Psychology and completed a concentration in Environmental Studies. For my first two years at Williams, I was on track to go to medical school. Everything changed when I decided to spend a semester in Australia studying sustainability and environmental action. My eyes were opened to the world of renewable energy, composting, climate change resilience and adaptation, and how personal and community environmental initiatives can have an incredible impact.

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The EcoFellow Experience: Matt Brodeur

CET EcoFellowshipYou’re a recent college graduate (or about to be). You’re interested in the environment but not really sure what you’re going to do next. What if you could find a job in which you receive extensive training, professional development, and career advising while also contributing real work to a mission-driven organization? Well, surprise, you found it. Consider the EcoFellowship! My name is Matt and I’m the 2016-17 Green Business EcoFellow.

I graduated from UMass Amherst last May with a degree in Political Science, certificates in Environmental Policy and International Relations, and minors in Spanish and History. During college, I grew increasingly interested in the intersection of climate change and our food system due to a few internships and classes I took. These experiences served as a great foundation to build upon as a young professional in the environmental field. They also helped affirm the type of organization that I would want to work for after I graduated – an organization that doesn’t just talk, but makes a tangible impact to improve communities.

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The EcoFellow Experience: Aliza Heeren

Hello from Northampton! My name is Aliza, I am the current Marketing and High Performance Building Fellow.

I recently graduated from Brandeis University where I majored in Environmental Studies and minored in Social Justice and Social Policy. Leaving school, I knew that I wanted to work for an environmental organization, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. My interests ran across the environmental board, from education to food justice to climate change policy; I was excited to try everything! Much to my dismay, I knew that upon graduation I needed to choose one direction and find a job. But then in walked the Center for EcoTechnology to my college career fair. I was thrilled to have found a position that was in the environmental field, would build my repertoire of hard skills, and would not limit my exposure to one specific piece of the environmental puzzle.

Five months in, I have learned a tremendous amount, and expect to learn just as much in the next five months before I leave. Here are a few highlights of my fellowship so far:

Making Videos:

Part of my job as a marketing fellow is to make a weekly video advertisement highlighting new items at our EcoBuilding Bargains store. This has been a really fun way to learn how to use the video editing program, Final Cut Pro, and gain skills in professional video editing.

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