Leyden Woods High Performance Building Case Study

By Aliza Heeren, Marketing and High Performance Building Fellow

Our High Performance Building team recently worked with The Community Builders (TCB) on the remodeling of their Leyden Woods Affordable Housing Development. For this project, CET provided 200 Home Energy Ratings and assisted throughout the construction process to ensure energy efficiency on all levels. We also provided guidance and certification services to help the project achieve ENERGY STAR for Homes Certification. Finally, CET helped TCB meet the guidelines to receive Mass Save Residential New Construction incentives that reflect the energy savings achieved in design and construction.

To learn more about this project and CET’s involvement throughout, watch our video case study:

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Why Switch to New England Green Start or New England Wind?

By Chiara Favaloro, Marketing Fellow

What is New England Wind & New England GreenStart?

The Center for EcoTechnology partners with Mass Energy Consumers Alliance to make it easier than ever for Massachusetts residents to switch to 100% renewable energy. Residents whose energy comes from Eversource or National Grid can sign up for Mass Energy’s New England GreenStart and New England Wind programs. Signing up means that members pay a small fee directly on their electric bills to ensure all of their energy comes from clean, renewable sources. The premium for choosing green energy is 2.4 cents/kwh for New England GreenStart or 3.8 cents/kwh for New England Wind. These contributions are completely tax deductible!

If you sign up for New England GreenStart, your energy will come from a variety of local renewable sources including wind, solar, digester gas, and low-impact hydro. If you choose New England Wind, your energy will come from 100% wind power.


New England Wind vs. GreenStart


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CET’s Expanding Commercial Efficiency Services

By Aliza Heeren, Marketing and High Performance Building Fellow

The Center for EcoTechnology has been providing practical solutions for 40 years that save energy, materials and money and have a positive impact on our environment and community. CET has provided technical assistance, energy modeling, inspection services, energy code compliance testing, and green building certifications to over 2,000 projects throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Hampshire. In 2004, CET participated in the first LEED for Homes pilot, and since then has completed dozens of LEED for Homes, LEED Multifamily Low-Rise, and LEED Multifamily Mid-Rise projects. Since 2005 CET has worked with dozens of homebuilders participating in the ENERGY STAR Homes program and has certified over 1,400 ENERGY STAR Homes. Our team also conducts Energy Star certification for modular building plants in accordance with the SBRA requirements. CET’s technicians have completed thousands of diagnostic tests for envelope and duct tightness and advised hundreds of builders on leakage reduction techniques. Finally, to educate the construction industry about changes to the Massachusetts energy codes and the Stretch Energy Code, CET has provided approximately 75 energy code trainings across Massachusetts both independently and through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Services.

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Harvest New England Conference

By Megan Denardo, Program Specialist

The 2017 Harvest New England Agricultural Marketing Conference and Trade Show was held in Sturbridge, MA on March 7-9. Staff from the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program (MFEP) were invited to exhibit and speak at this conference, as part of a multi-state panel titled Farm Energy 101. The MFEP offers a range of services to farms to reduce energy consumption and produce renewable energy and is administered by the Center for EcoTechnology. They took this opportunity to continue their outreach to as many farms in Massachusetts as possible.

From left to right: Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT Farm Energy Program; Megan Denardo, CET & MA Farm Energy Program; Alex DePillis, VT Division of Agricultural Development; Liz Budd, CET & MA Farm Energy Program; Anne Correia, USDA Rural Development.

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Drive Green Electric Vehicle Event

By Chiara Favaloro, Marketing Fellow

Last Saturday, the Hitchcock Center for the Environment hosted an event all about electric vehicles. There were two Teslas and Chevy Volts present for people to observe and test drive. The Teslas and one model of Volt are privately owned by members of the Pinoneer Valley Electric Automobile Association, and the newest Volt was brought by Brian Birrell from Burke Chevrolet in Northampton. These car owners shared their experiences about what it is really like to drive one of these incredible machines. Many reflected on the joy of driving such a quiet and smooth vehicle that is also benefiting the environment. The owners also fielded questions from attendees, alleviating concerns that interested buyers may have.

During this event, there was also a presentation about the Mass Energy program, Drive Green, which offers incentives and discounts on new electric cars. Anyone is eligible to participate and receive a discount to purchase or lease a Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt, Kia eSoul, Ford C-MAX Energi, or Ford Fusion Energi at a participating dealer. After you buy or lease your EV, you can go even greener by running it off of renewable energy available through New England Wind or New England Green Start. With all of these incredible Mass Energy programs and sleek new car models available, if you are considering getting an electric vehicle, now is the time!

See below for some photos from the event:

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