Get a Jump on Air Source Heat Pumps!

In New England, heating our homes can become a lifestyle, whether it be chopping wood to stoke the fire, or incessantly monitoring the thermostat – we care about how much energy we use and know we’ve done well when we can see the change on our utility bills. That’s why Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) could be a great option for you! ASHPs are not necessarily new, they’ve been certified with EnergyStar since 1995, but as technological advancements continue to improve their efficiency, they have become the cutting edge of heating AND cooling. That’s right – they can do both!

Can you find the ASHP in this modern home? They are discrete enough to hide in plain sight! Home by Jeremy Levine Design

What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps are highly efficient heating and cooling devices that run on electricity. They work by taking heat from the outside air and moving it into the home in times of cold weather, but with a flip of a switch they can remove heat from your home and channel it outside. This is different than most heating systems, which have to generate heat before it’s able to be used, as ASHPs only move heat.

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Sustainability Dream Team Releases Sports Venue Survey

By Kevin Pink, Customer Service & Marketing Assistant

The American sports world is pretty busy right now. Major League Baseball is barreling down the stretch toward the playoffs, and the NFL has just kicked off another season; the NHL and NBA begin their preseasons in a few weeks. Amongst all the talk of teams and trades, there’s some exciting news about another important part of the sports world: the sustainability efforts of the venues our favorite teams call home!


American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat, earned LEED certification in 2009.

Since March, the Department of Energy (DOE), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Green Sports Alliance (GSA), and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) have been working together to help understand the way sports venues use energy and water, and discover opportunities to promote more sustainable use.

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Celebrating 40 Years: Building Green

By Kelsey Colpitts, Marketing Fellow  

In October, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) named Massachusetts the most energy efficient state for the fifth year in a row! Since 1976, the Center for EcoTechnology has contributed to this progress and remained on the cutting edge of green building technology. To celebrate our 40th year, we look at the green construction services, education and support CET has provided to help save residents and builders money and energy.

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Energy Raters Complete HERS Rating for Habitat Veterans’ Build

By Kelsey Colpitts, Marketing Fellow

thumbnail_team workThe Center for EcoTechnology is proud to have provided the Home Energy Rating (HER) for the Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity’s first net zero possible project, completed in February 2016.

The two homes, located on East Street in Easthampton, Massachusetts were planned and constructed with a strong focus on achieving the lowest possible energy bills for the occupants. The green design incorporated energy-efficient features including an electric heat pump heater, ductless mini-splits and ENERGY STAR appliances. Green building experts from the Center for EcoTechnology worked closely with PV Habitat throughout the construction process to improve the energy performance of the units. A critical feature was the installation of thick, cellulose insulated double walls. This feature increases the effectiveness of the insulation and virtually eliminates thermal bridging (the loss of heat through the wooden frame).

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We Can Help You Build Green!

By Kevin Pink, Customer Service & Marketing Assistant

You may know the Center for EcoTechnology as people who help you save energy and money on your utility bills through no-cost home energy assessments and practical advice. Those are great ways to save money with an existing home, but who do you turn to when you want to build a new home? What about when you need some testing on your home, or when you need to make sure your home complies with the energy code? What if you’re trying to get some type of energy-efficiency certification?

Good news! We can help with you with all of that, too! Our highly-accredited green building experts have performed over 2,000 HERS ratings, and offer a multitude of services to understand how your home uses energy, or to design a high-efficiency home for you and your family. In this era of rising energy prices, having a home that uses energy efficiently can help you save big. It’s not only that- when you sell your home, you can use the lower utility costs as a selling point for potential buyers. Our team can assist you, whether you’re upgrading an existing home or building a new one. We’ve even performed a HERS rating on an energy-efficient home insulated with bales of straw!

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