EcoBuilding Bargains’ Newest Reuse Rockstar!

By Kevin Pink, Marketing and Development Specialist

Allison Wyman stopped into EcoBuilding Bargains looking for a vanity. She didn’t find the vanity she wanted, but what she DID find was pretty special: a bright orange sink.

“Even though it wasn’t practical at all, I fell in love with it and we brought it home,” she said. It’s a story we hear quite often at the store, and it left Allison feeling like she “won the lottery.”

When you buy a bold sink like that, it’s the kind of item you build a room around. The Wymans worked with a local countertop and cabinetry shop to build a custom countertop. This left them with a somewhat unusually-sized piece, so Allison’s husband built a custom cabinet and drawers to fit underneath the sink and countertop.

The bathroom makeover wasn’t finished there, however. They added tile and a light fixture to the wall above the sink.

What’s next? Allison tells us that the next step is to replace the linoleum floor with tiles, for which they plan to return to EcoBuilding Bargains. Fortunately, they are the new owners of an EcoBuilding Bargains gift card as a result of winning the Reuse Rockstar contest!

Watch as Allison and her sons William and Sam tell you more about their project! Congratulations, Wyman family!


Reuse Rockstar Competition- Fall 2016 Launch

by Aliza Heeren, Marketing and Green Homes Fellow

It’s that time of year again! We are excited to announce the launch of our fall Reuse Rockstar competition!

Reuse Rockstar is a friendly competition held to showcase all of the creative ways EcoBuilding Bargains customers transform materials they found at the store into beautiful and innovative pieces. Last year we saw doors turned into benches and headboards, a desk turned into a dining room cabinet, and so much more! Check out these submissions from last year for some inspiration:


This crafty hanging file bench was submitted by Mary Jane Dunlop, and re-purposed from an old headboard.

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EcoBuilding Bargains Instagram Launch and Contest

By Chiara Favaloro, Marketing Fellow 

EcoBuilding Bargains Instagram Launch and Contest 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the EcoBuilding Bargains Instagram account! With so many one-of-a-kind pieces coming into our store, we want to be sure to highlight these unique urban treasures. We will feature many new and noteworthy items beyond our signature windows, doors, and cabinets. We will also provide creative ideas to upcycle and convert recovered products. The featured photos will inspire you to refurbish and revamp your home with something new, while helping the environment by diverting items away from landfills! It’ll be the perfect place for anyone looking for affordable and creative ways to furnish their homes!

One exciting feature is our weekly “Transformation Tuesday” project. This will typically be an upcycling project that has also been featured on Mass Appeal during our live TV segment. These upcycling posts will inspire viewers to come to EcoBuilding Bargains to gather supplies and then try these upcycling projects on their own!UPCYCLE Mikes school stuff cabinet

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Creative Reuse Project: Upcycled Bird Bath!

By Kelsey Colpitts, Marketing Specialist

Upcycling is the art of transforming unwanted, damaged or old items into creative new products with new purposes! In addition to being a fun and inexpensive activity, upcycling promotes our green, waste-reduction mission of reusing items instead of sending them to a landfill. For our most recent upcycling project, we demonstrated on WWLP’s Mass Appeal how to transform an old spindle, outdated light fixture and leftover ceramic tile into a cute bird bath.

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Meet Amy Weber!

We are excited to welcome Amy Weber as the newest Eco Sales Specialist at EcoBuilding Bargains! Amy helps homeowners, businesses and contractors divert reusable building materials from landfills and stocks our sales floor with home improvement treasures.

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