Fixture to Feeder: An Easy and Inexpensive Upcycling Project!

By Kelsey Colpitts, Marketing EcoFellow

Upcycling is the art of transforming unwanted or old items into creative, new products with new purposes! We are always looking for new upcycling projects and ideas because reuse is a great way to divert waste from landfills. For our latest project, we turned old glass lighting fixtures into unique, spherical bird feeders!

FullSizeRender (15)


  • 1 glass lighting fixture – We found ours for $2.99 at EcoBuilding Bargains! But you can get one from any salvage store or use an old one from your home.
  • 8-15ft of rope/string – we used old clothesline.
  • Premium waterproof silicone glue – We decided to use waterproof glue that was also sun and freeze proof since it will be outside. We found this for $5.99 at a local hardware store.


The first step is to measure out your rope. We used about 10ft but it depends on how large your fixture is and how far you want it to hang from the branch or structure.

Next, fold your rope in half and wrap it around the middle of your glass fixture. Tie a knot at the point where the loop and loose ends meet. Slip the loose ends through the loop and pull on the rope until the loop locks onto the knot:










Place over the fixture. You may need to adjust the knot so that it fits properly. If it’s too loose it won’t hold the feeder and if it is too tight it could shatter the glass.

Lastly, turn the fixture on its side and run a bead of silicone glue in between the 2 pieces. As you glue, push the 2 pieces of rope together so they stick to each other and to the fixture. Make sure to go all the way around the shade. Let dry for 24 hours before hanging up! We also placed a few binder clips to hold the rope together while it dried overnight.











And there you have it – an inexpensive but creative bird-feeder! This creation cost us less than $10, but could even be free if you already have the glue and an old fixture on hand. If you don’t have an old fixture lying around come to EcoBuilding Bargains and check out our selection.


You can also watch a step by step video of this project on Mass Appeal!

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