Get Organized in 2019: Upcycled Shutters

As the new year begins, we’re all thinking about how to refresh our spaces and get more organized. A great way to get inspiration is by visiting our store, EcoBuilding Bargains, where there is a large amount of inventory moving in and out every day. Using salvaged or reused items, such as those from EcoBuilding Bargains, can be a unique and environmentally friendly way to decorate your home.

We found these beautiful shutters and re-purposed them into holders that can be placed near the entryways of your home for important items, such as keys or mail. We also made a kid-friendly chore board, using different icons to represent tasks and check marks that can be used to indicate whether the task has been completed. Check out the instructions below!

Materials may vary depending on what you want to create, these are the materials I used for this project:

  • Shutter(s)
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Command strips/hot glue gun
  • Clothespins
  • Paint/chalk paint/paint tape
  • Markers/pens
  • Paint brushes

Step 1: Clean your shutters and plan out how you want to decorate them.

Step 2: Paint, stencil, or cut out images to apply to the shutters.












Step 3: Place the items you wish to display on the shutters, and voila, enjoy!

These are just two ways that you can repurpose old shutters into beautiful pieces for your home. Instead of throwing away stuff from your home, look online for some inspiration as to how you can reuse these materials, or consider donating to EcoBuilding Bargains. 

Check out our segment on Mass Appeal below.

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