Building a Green Home

Building a Green Home has immediate and long-term benefits

Are you planning to build a new home or renovate your existing house? In order to save money, reduce wasted energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your home, chances are you are already planning to include energy efficiency and renewable energy features.

But many building professionals and their clients find that it can be complicated to decide which energy efficiency and other “building science” strategies make the most sense for their projects.  With a Home Energy Rating from the Center for EcoTechnology you will be able to:

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Benefits of  Green Construction

Some of the key reasons our clients work on greening their new home:

As part of your project team,Certified Home Energy Raters will help you understand how the building specifications, materials, techniques, and systems work together as one integrated system when your home is built or renovated. This “house as a system” approach includes more visible specifications such as the selected heating equipment, as well as the less visible techniques we recommend such as sealing the home’s air leaks so that you will enjoy the results of building greener for decades to come.

If you would like to do your own research to become better informed before making those tough decisions for greening your new home, the Center for EcoTechnology’s staff can help point you in the right direction. Although there are many aspects to consider in building a green home, you may have a lot of fun while exploring your options for using renewable energy, eco-friendly paints and materials, building materials from local sources, or recycled materials for your project!

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