Operations Assistant

Center for EcoTechnology

We are hiring an Operations Assistant who can bring stellar administrative and organizational capacity, problem solving ability and well-developed communication skills to support our Director of Operations. Critical functions of the Operations Assistant are executive administrative assistance, scheduling, coordination, analysis and planning, as well as work on specific tasks and projects.

The Operations Assistant provides support and assistance to the Director of Operations. Some of the responsibilities of this position are:

  • Handle day-to-day executive administrative assistance such as scheduling, email correspondence, agendas, and task flow.
  • Provide meeting or communications summaries, plan to-dos and agendas, and produce reports, presentations or other materials needed for meetings or tasks.
  • Work closely with the Operations Director and others to gather and analyze program and financial information, identify issues and define solutions.
  • Work with department managers, operations staff, and clients as needed to coordinate communication, planning and work.
  • Facilitate discussions and consensus across management team and recommend and implement solutions based on internal and external customer requirements.
  • Perform program deliverables per client work plans as needed.
  • Provide general administrative support, including preparation of expense reports, emailing, copying, faxing, and material preparation.

This is a full time job with great benefits. You should have: a Bachelor’s degree; good ability in Microsoft Office and especially experience using the calendar function in Outlook; and solid professional communication skills on the phone and in person. You will need to be able to think creatively and write skillfully.

For 40 years, CET has helped people and businesses in Massachusetts save energy and reduce waste. Now you can be part of the team that helps achieve our environmental mission. We look forward to hearing from you.

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