Take The Quiz to Find Out How Much You Know About Climate Change

By Aliza Heeren, Marketing and High Performance Building Fellow

We are always striving to support innovations to reduce our impact on climate change, but how much do we really know about the most effective way to do that? Is it by switching to an entirely renewable energy system? Reducing our meat consumption? Driving electric vehicles? Each of our every day decisions make a certain amount of impact, but a new book, “Drawdown” by Paul Hawken, shows how certain choices we make may have a much larger impact than others. And some of these top solutions may come as a surprise.

Take this New York Times quiz to see how much you really know about the best way to reduce our carbon footprint.

Or check out this chart from “Drawdown” outlining the top 15 climate solutions and their potential impact. For the full list of the top 100, visit www.drawdown.org


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