Upcycle a Cabinet Door Into a Chalkboard!

By Aliza Heeren, Marketing and Green Homes Fellow

Ever think about what you could do with all of those old bottle caps? We have the perfect upcycling project for you! See how we turned a cabinet door into this beautiful chalkboard decorated with reused bottle caps!




  • Cabinet door: EcoBuilding Bargains has a wide selection of cabinet doors in varying shapes, sizes, and prices! We got ours for only $5!
  • Chalkboard paint: EcoBuilding Bargains also has a new selection of chalkboard paint in 16 different colors!
  • Bottle caps- Recycling metal bottle caps can be tricky because they are too small for many recycling facilities to easily process. We got our collection from an EcoFellow who had been saving them.
  • Cork or cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush



1. Coat your cabinet door with chalkboard paint and let dry. We did two coats (one in each direction) and let it dry overnight, but you can follow the instructions on your paint bottle.                                                                                                                    cabinet-door-to-chalkboard-4

2. The next step is to fill the inside of the bottle caps with something to give them a solid surface to glue onto your chalkboard. We decided to use cork because we had some leftover from making a bulletin board from an old drawer, but you can use cardboard, or anything else you have lying around the house. We cut our cork into small pieces and hot glued the cork inside the bottle caps!

3. Get creative with your bottle caps! We decided to layer ours for a fuller border, but you can go with whatever style you like best. We recommend that you lay out your pattern of bottle caps before you glue them on to make sure that you like the way it is going to look!


Check out the full video of how we made this chalkboard on Mass Appeal!

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