A Warm Welcome to the 2018 EcoFellows!

By: Shelby Kuenzli, Marketing EcoFellow


We are busy getting settled in at the Center for EcoTechnology and we can’t wait to work with the community and surrounding areas! These next few months are going to be a whirlwind of opportunity and learning and we want you to get to know us a little better.



Avery Cross – Green Business EcoFellow

College: Bard College

Field of Study: Environmental and Urban Studies

Past Experiences: Avery worked at Bard College’s Office of Sustainability to increase recycling opportunities and track food waste on campus, among other projects. She also worked for the Berkshire Botanical Garden and Naumkeag as a Horticulture Intern and was an Education Apprentice at McEnroe Organic Farm where she developed and implemented educational events and programs.

Favorite Social Media: Snapchat

Favorite Green Action: Walking and biking as many places as possible

What they’re looking forward to most: “I am excited to contribute to programs that genuinely make an environmental impact by reducing waste and saving energy. I want to learn how changes that benefit the environment align with economic and social benefits in order to understand how and why different types of people are invested in reducing our environmental impact. I am looking forward to assisting people to make real changes, as well as tracking the measurable impact of these changes. I want to make green make sense!”


Willow Cohn – Community Outreach EcoFellow

College: Siena Heights University

Field of Study: Environmental Science and Biology

Past Experiences: Willow worked as an Environmental Educator with the McDowell Environmental Center in Nauvoo, Alabama, and has been a Conservation Canvasser for the Alaska Center for the Environment. She was also President of the Siena Heights Green Light Environmental Club and Director of the campus Earth Day Committee.

Favorite Social Media: Instagram

Favorite Green Action: Not using air conditioning in the summer

What they’re looking forward to most: “I am excited to gain focus for my career in the world of environmental science by learning and doing so many different things that the fellowship will offer. I am so excited to use science and technology to better people’s lives while improving the health of our planet for future generations.”


Jorge Guarin – Community Outreach EcoFellow

College: State University of New York, College of
Environmental Science and Forestry

Field of Study: Sustainable Energy Management

Past Experiences: Jorge served as Vice President of SUNY-ESF’s Sustainable Energy Club, was on the campus Renewing the Energy Vision (REV) Challenge Team, and helped with the creation of a student-led revolving fund for energy efficiency.

Favorite Social Media: Facebook

Favorite Green Action: Buying only the essentials

What they’re looking forward to most: “Getting things done! It is an amazing experience to truly start making a difference by using all the resources CET has to offer.”


Shelby Kuenzli – Digital Marketing EcoFellow

College: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Field of Study: Life Sciences Communication and Zoology

Past Experiences: Shelby worked as a Marketing and Communications Assistant at the UW E-Business Consortium at UW-Madison and was the Marketing and Co-Outreach Director for the Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology. She also worked on a public information campaign where she helped create a behavioral communication campaign to change recycling habits at the school union in order to clean up campus waste streams.

Favorite Social Media: Snapchat

Favorite Green Action: Reusing items found at thrift stores

What they’re looking forward to most: “I am excited to make measurable, sustainable impact on the surrounding communities. I can’t wait to learn new skills and I am excited to be trained by the incredible, enthusiastic professionals that work at CET. Their valuable insights will help to further my career in the environmental science communication field.”


Morgan O’Connor – Marketing and High Performance Building EcoFellow

College: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Field of Study: Natural Resources Conservation

Past Experiences: Morgan worked at Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge as an environmental educator, and has led a research team in coastal Maine that contributed to longitudinal studies of seabird population dynamics in relation to climate change and forage fish populations. At UMass she founded a campaign to promote environmental behaviors on campus focusing on sustainable eating habits and communicated information on the effects of meat intensive diets on the environment.

Favorite Social Media: Instagram

Favorite Green Action: Reduce plastic usage as much as possible

What they’re looking forward to most: “I’m excited that this position encourages us to learn and grow in areas we are interested in creatively and professionally. My position in marketing and high performance building offers so many opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge sets, and I am excited to apply these skills to something I’m passionate about- waste reduction and energy efficiency!”

The EcoFellows hiking at Skinner State Park.

The EcoFellows hiking at Skinner State Park.




We’re having a blast getting to know each other and all of our other co-workers! We’re excited to help CET make a measurable impact and be key innovators in the sustainability field.




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  • Joel Kuenzli

    Good luck 2018 EcoFellows! Have fun and the best of success to each of you!

    August 25, 2017

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