Training Video: Food Scrap Separation

Training Video for Food Service Businesses

CET provides free technical assistance to New York State businesses, restaurants, and institutions through grant funding provided by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

We created this video on best management practices for food businesses to begin and maintain a successful food scraps diversion program.

The video is a great tool for training staff and education on how to work with a hauler, the importance of clear signage on waste bins, and more!

To view captions in Spanish, click the CC button on the video player. The presentation and resources linked can be found here.
Questions on the presentation?

Send them to or our hotline at 866-306-0911.

Need more resources?

Rethink Food Waste New York ofrece soluciones para alimentos desperdiciados a empresas, municipios, recicladores orgánicos y organizaciones de ayuda alimentaria de Nueva York, entre otros.

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