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Inversiones inclusivas en servicios públicos

¿Qué son las inversiones en servicios públicos inclusivos y cómo funcionan?

Imagine your utility told you they wanted to invest in state-of-the-art technology for your home.

No taking on debt, no credit checks, no matter if you’re a renter, and no matter if you plan to move soon.

Your obligation? Paying a monthly tariff that sums to no more than the savings in energy costs afforded by the new measures.

The tariff, tied to your electric meter, would extend for as long as it takes for the utility to recover its investment, and if you move, would simply transfer to the next occupant. This is Inclusive Utility Investments (IUI – or sometimes referred to as tariff on-bill financing/TOB).

Unlike traditional on-bill financing, where a utility makes a loan to a property owner, thus requiring adequate credit history, willingness to take on debt, etc., IUI decouples capital improvements from the individual resident or business.

It is a financing mechanism that enables upgrading properties with measures that reduce operating costs and improve the comfort, health, and environmental footprint of the building, all with little or no upfront capital investment from the ratepayer.

The pilot program, Resource Ipswich

ReSource ReInvest

An initiative spearheaded by the Ipswich Electric Light Department (ELD), marks a groundbreaking move for Massachusetts.

Its primary aim is to streamline home energy retrofits, a vital step if the state is to achieve its ambitious goal of retrofitting 1 million homes with clean heat and insulation by 2030.

With ReInvest, the burden of expensive upfront costs is lifted, and the headache of finding contractors, comparing quotes, and navigating utility incentive programs becomes a thing of the past.

Benefits of the program

Enabled HVAC electrification in all participating homes.
Eliminated 84% of upfront costs for customers.
Maintained 20% savings over historic energy costs.
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Resources about IUI

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Aceleración de la modernización de la eficiencia y la electrificación residenciales liderada por los servicios públicos
CET is working with municipalities across the state to

Bring IUI to Scale

If you want to bring IUI to your city or town contact us today to get started. Also, check out our IUI Toolkit for a detailed timeline and checklist for launching an IUI program in your municipality.

When you donate to CET you seed the expansion of a program that’s accelerating and democratizing the energy transition for renters, low-income homeowners, and all. 

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