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City of Middletown Launches Reusable Containers Initiative


Commitment to Sustainability

The city of Middletown, Connecticut, launches an initiative to address disposable containers, major contributors to waste.

With support from EPA Region 1 grant funding, Middletown initiates the program “Fostering Circular Solutions for Takeout Containers,” focusing on assisting businesses in developing and adopting source reduction practices centered on reusable takeout containers. For a more in-depth look at their pilot, read the case study here.

Employees at Perk on Main discuss reusable containers with representatives from USEFULL and CET

Did you know?

Single-use takeout containers are the top one contributors to the waste stream, with 180 billion single-use containers produced and disposed of every year in the U.S. alone.

ION employees pose with representatives from USEFULL and CET

Partnering for Change: City Collaboration with USEFULL

After careful consideration, the City selected USEFULL to help implement this reusable container project. Moreover, three Middletown eateries will be participating in the project, including, ION Restaurant, Perk on Main, and Story and Soil Coffee.

Working closely with CET (The Center for EcoTechnology) and USEFULL, Middletown’s Recycling Coordinator, Kim O’Rourke aims to kick off the program by mid-June 2023. The pilot will run through the fall of 2023.

Addressing Challenges: The Path to Reusability

CET proposed this pilot with Middletown to showcase how communities of any size can catalyze the adoption of reusable takeout programs. However, businesses face challenges such as affordability, convenience, and lack of infrastructure when starting a reusable container program.

Through Fostering Circular Solutions for Takeout Containers, the City of Middletown hopes to reduce these barriers and showcase the successes that can occur when we collaborate.

USEFULL and CET staff speak with a representative of Story and Soil about reusable containers

Encouraging Public Participation: adopt reusable containers

For members of the public looking to participate in this program, they can download the USEFULL app and get started on using reusable containers at their favorite local Middletown restaurants. Also, Middletown and USEFULL also hope that residents will stay up to date on the impact of the project through the USEFULL dashboard and the Fostering Circular Solutions for Takeout Containers webpage.

Community building: promoting sustainability together

Fostering Circular Solutions for Takeout Containers aims to build community interest and capacity to solve single-use takeout containers’ environmental and human health problems. Additionally, CET brings decades of experience in implementing sustainable materials management practices for hard-to-handle waste items.

conclusion: join the movement

Download the USEFULL app and visit the participating restaurants to be directly involved in Middletown’s waste reduction efforts. Furthermore, learn more about Fostering Circular Solutions for Takeout Containers and how CET is helping small businesses throughout Connecticut reduce their waste.

For more than 45 years, cET has helped people and businesses save energy and reduce waste.

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