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Half a century of experience as a leader in designing and delivering successful residential energy programs for income eligible and market rate programs.

We are experts in implementing sustainable residential energy programs.

Consistent Excellence: Meeting Goals, Quality Work, and Strong Partnerships.

We have a reputation for consistently meeting or exceeding program goals, providing high-quality work, helpful customer service, and building strong partnerships with contractors, utility companies, and state agencies.

At a Glance

Thousands of single-family units served annually for IOU and MLP customers

BPI Goldstar Contractor, BPI Building Analyst, Healthy Homes certified team

Weatherization Boot Camp Trainer

Leading program innovator, including Inclusive Utility Investments, carbon-based incentives, whole-home decarbonization audits

Weatherization Assistance Program administrator


Implementing decarbonization through energy efficiency and electrification.

Our services extend to Mass Save, the NextZero program for MMWEC, Eversource, National Grid, Avangrid, Liberty Utilities, and independent utility programs, where we offer a diverse range of services, including C&I, multifamily, and residential Mass Save services (RCD).

Advancing Community Sustainability Programs

From Inclusive Utility Investments (IUI) to Induction Lending Programs and the Weatherization Program (WAP), we strive to empower underserved communities and promote environmentally friendly practices. Read on to learn more about our efforts and how they’re making a difference.

Inclusive Utility Investments (IUI)

CET is partnering with utilities to offer IUI financing programs to increase participation in home decarbonization among low-income and rental customers.

Weatherization Program (WAP)

In collaboration with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, we administer the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) designed to provide support to low-income households.

Induction Lending Programs

We are working in cities and towns in Western Massachusetts to spread awareness about induction cooking by offering Induction cooktop lending programs through libraries.

Carbon-Based Incentives

CET and the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company built a model to set energy efficiency and electrification incentives.

Equitable Programming

Advancing Inclusion and Innovation: CET’s Commitment to Underserved Communities

Leading Innovation for Access and Equity

CET is at the forefront of innovation, spearheading initiatives to enhance access to underserved communities and market segments.

Expanding Residential Energy Access for All

Through Healthy Homes pilot programs and the development of Inclusive Utility Investments, CET is dedicated to expanding residential energy access for income-eligible customers, including renters.

Best Practices for Underserved Communities

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Aligning Energy Savings with Health Goals

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What Clients Are Saying

CET works very hard to find the solutions that work for individual farmers, business, and folks in our community

George Krivda


CET has been a leader in the efficiency movement in our region, helping business, helping households, and governments make smarter decisions.

Jim Langevin

Former Congressman Rhode Island

Its been a pleasure to work with CET because they have the opportunity to have a broader picture

Christine Beling


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We’re excited to help you decarbonize with energy and waste solutions.

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We envision a world that has embraced and advanced just and resilient climate solutions.

CET is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

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