At CET, every $124 removes another ton of CO2. You can make a difference.


Your gift to CET fuels resilient climate solutions. Our lives depend on it.

At CET, every $124 removes another ton of CO2

Every day, CET helps people and businesses implement resilient climate solutions that work. 

Still, most of us are not acting fast enough. But continued inaction and indecision are intolerable when we know solutions are available.

We are mission-driven to help households and businesses across the Northeast to: 

Join the clean energy transition
Reduce and redirect tons of waste  
Achieve measurable emissions reductions that drive global decarbonization 

You can help. Your donation:

Sparks Innovation:

Your donation develops cutting-edge approaches that drive up the adoption of resilient climate solutions.  

Fuels Implementation:

Your donation goes to work helping people and businesses understand their options and take action to cut carbon and waste now, without delay.

Scales Solutions that Work:

Your donation helps many more people go further and faster in transitioning to the low-carbon economy that we need to survive.  

Questions? Please email Julia Riseman or 413-586-7350

Donations will be used to fight climate change by innovating, implementing, and scaling environmental solutions that communities need to thrive.

The Center for Ecotechnology (CET) is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Contributions to CET are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. A copy of CET’s latest financial statement may be viewed online or by writing to the Office of Charities Registration, 162 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12231.

Click here to view CET’s latest IRS 990 form.

Other Ways to Give

Mail In Your Donation

By mailing in your donation, we incur no processing fees, which means every penny of your gift goes towards our mission! We also accept mail-in donations via credit card and bank. Please print and send this form in with your credit card or bank donation. Send your donation to:

PO Box 275
Dalton, MA 01227

Become a Monthly Giving Donor

Spread your warm feelings about the CET’s work throughout the year. Our Monthly Giving option allows regular donations through monthly or weekly contributions from your bank or credit card. You’ll feel good about helping us all year long!

Click here to donate monthly.

Contribute to the Community Climate Fund

The Community Climate Fund (CCF) allows businesses and individuals to pool together donations to fund innovative, high-impact carbon reduction projects for lower-income households and businesses. The fund accelerates a just and equitable transition to the low-carbon economy. Click here for more information.

Make a Gift of Securities or Stock

It’s easy to donate stocks and securities to CET. We partner with the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts to receive these donations. You will find full instructions here.

Please inform CET upon initiating your gift so that we can advise the Community Foundation to process the donation on our behalf. It would be very helpful if you would provide us with the stock to be gifted, quantity of shares or approximate value and the intended purpose of your gift. This information will allow us to acknowledge your generous gift in a timely manner.

For more information, please contact Julia Riseman at or at 413-586-7350 to discuss donating securities at any time.

Give from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) 

We gladly accept gifts and grants from Donor Advised Funds.
What is a donor-advised fund? 
A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a type of giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support your favorite charities. An increasingly popular charitable vehicle, DAFs are an excellent way to both simplify your charitable giving and facilitate your strategic philanthropic goals. 

Make a Gift from Your IRA 

Through a qualified charitable distribution (or QCD, previously named the IRA charitable rollover) individuals 70 1/2 and older are eligible to contribute up to $100,000 directly to CET from their IRA, tax free.
Simply contact your plan administrator to initiate a transfer.

How it works:

The donor must be age 70 1/2 or older on the date of the gift.

The gift must come from an IRA account.  (Not 401 (k), 403 (b), SEP IRA or other types of retirement accounts.) 

The gift must be sent directly to NSC from your plan administrator. 

The gift counts toward your required minimum distribution if you have not already taken it for the calendar year. 

The gift is excluded from your income – which sometimes allows for a lower income and Medicare tax bracket. 

The gift cannot be claimed as an income tax charitable deduction because it is not considered income. 

For more information, please contact Julia Riseman at or 413-586-7350 if you would like to discuss this option for giving.

Give through Your Will, Retirement Fund, or Life Insurance Policy

You can create a lasting legacy and ensure the enduring work of CET with a gift from your Will, retirement fund, or life insurance policy. You will ensure that the work of CET carries on for the benefit of future generations.

There are many ways to make a bequest to the CET. Some are simple, like remembering the CET in your will or trust, or naming the Center as a beneficiary—in whole or in part—of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or other estate plan. Please consult with your attorney or financial planner to discuss your specific estate plans and questions.

Wills or Trusts
Gifts in your will or trust are relatively simple to establish and relatively simple to change at any time, should you need to. When you include CET among your loved ones, you make a clear statement that improving the lives and addressing the climate crisis is important to you. Moreover, a gift to charity by bequest may provide your estate with beneficial tax deductions and could save on transfer taxes at either the state or federal level.
When you decide to include CET in your will, be sure to use the full legal name: Center for EcoTechnology, Inc.

“I give to Center for EcoTechnology, Inc. in Northampton, Massachusetts, Tax ID# 042-611-726 ( X% of my residuary estate) or (all of my residuary estate) or (the sum of $X ) to be used for the benefit of CET as the Board of Directors thereof may direct.”

Retirement Accounts and Life Insurance Policies
Retirement assets can be among the most tax-efficient ways to make a bequest to the CET. When retirement assets pass to non-spouse beneficiaries, they can be highly taxed; yet no tax is incurred when passing to a qualified charity. Simply name the CET as a beneficiary for whatever percentage amount you are comfortable with.

If an abbreviated text is necessary on beneficiary forms, please use:
Center for EcoTechnology, Inc. in Northampton, Massachusetts, Tax ID# 042-611-726

The same information can be used on your Life Insurance Policy when naming beneficiaries.

OTHER: Bank and Brokerage Accounts
Contact your bank or brokerage account and instruct them to “pay on death” to the CET, a percentage or all of a specific bank account.

Please contact Julia Riseman through email at or 413-586-7350 to discuss giving by bequest.

Ensure the Future with a Gift to the Endowment 

Support people today and future generations with your gift to CET’s endowment. Together, we can create a world that has embraced and advanced just and resilient climate solutions.

In 2015, we started an Endowment to ensure we are here today and for future generations. The fund currently holds less than a million dollars. Our assets are conservatively invested for the long term, while a portion of the investment income may be used to address special challenges or new opportunities in the future.

Give Now
Give a gift of $1000 or more in cash or securities. A gift designated for the endowment, in addition to your annual support, makes an immediate impact by generating investment revenue.

Give Later
There are many ways to leave a Legacy gift to CET to grow the Endowment.

  • Make CET a beneficiary of your Will or trust – in full or for a percentage. This is the most common approach.
  • Make CET a beneficiary of a life insurance policy – in full or for a percentage.
  • Make CET a beneficiary of retirement assets-in full or for a percentage. Retirement assets pass to a charity tax free and are often the best asset for charitable donations, minimizing taxes to non-spouse heirs.

When naming the Center for EcoTechnology as a beneficiary, please include our tax ID #042-611-726.

We are happy to give you more information about how to help us Ensure the Future. Please contact Julia Riseman by email at or 413-586-7350 with any questions.

“CET is so well managed, and so well run, that reassures us about making our contribution to the endowment. The lands belong to those who came before us and those who come after us, and it’s our job to take care of them responsibly, and that’s been our aim.” – Sandy & Betsy Belden

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We envision a world that has embraced and advanced just and resilient climate solutions.

CET is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

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