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Comprehensive Decarbonization

Resilient Climate Solutions

The race to decarbonization is on, and to stay relevant in today’s marketplace government agencies, foundations, utilities, and industry leaders are turning to experts for mentorship in this new era.

We’re your partner through the multifaceted landscape of decarbonization. 

We ensure that clients have access to cutting-edge information and tools through key resources and strategic frameworks.

CET plays a pivotal role in influencing policy and programming decisions, contributing to the development of effective and environmentally responsible guidelines.

Decarbonization Services

With commercial and residential buildings producing 30% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonizing is essential to meeting our climate goals. CET excels in program design and implementation, bringing innovative pilot programming to the forefront of sustainable practices.

With nearly 50 years of experience, CET’s comprehensive suite of services includes capacity building and training, equipping organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to spearhead sustainable initiatives.

Decarbonization recognition for businesses 

Waste reduction and recycling program design and implementation 

Referrals to the most appropriate of our hundreds of solution providers 

Hands-on technical assistance, training, and guidance 

Guidance through incentive and rebate applications 

Decarbonization road maps 

Energy assessments and energy action plans 

Budgeting and resource allocation 

Guidance through utility, state, and federal grants 

CET Can Provide

Helpful Resources Including:

Video & Print Case Studies
Best Management Practice Documents
Advice on Policy & Program Design


What Clients Are Saying

CET works very hard to find the solutions that work for individual farmers, business, and folks in our community

George Krivda


CET has been a leader in the efficiency movement in our region, helping business, helping households, and governments make smarter decisions.

Jim Langevin

Congressman Rhode Island

Its been a pleasure to work with CET because they have the opportunity to have a broader picture

Christine Beling


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We’re excited to help you decarbonize with energy and waste solutions.

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We envision a world that has embraced and advanced just and resilient climate solutions.

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