Resilient Climate Solutions

If you are a utility company, industry association, foundation, or government agency, we can help you develop and provide clean energy and waste reduction solutions to your customers or stakeholders.

Program development & delivery

CET excels at program development and delivery

Offering services from innovative pilot projects to large-scale programs.

Our expertise includes program design, administration, and lead vendor services. We foster capacity building through comprehensive training to diverse stakeholder groups, utilizing our in-house creative team to design and disseminate various resources.

Program Development and Delivery

Clean Energy Services

Clean energy services for utilities, government, foundations, business & industry.

We serve thousands of customers annually across various industries, including residential, small business, commercial, agricultural, institutional, and governmental sectors.

Our commitment extends to providing customers in each sector with the necessary tools and support to propel their projects forward. 

Energy Assessments

We forge close partnerships with numerous energy companies, facilitating coordinated design and installation services, comprehensive training, valuable referrals, job specifying, and meticulous quality assurance.

Tailored Action Plans

Our collaborative effort ensures that our clients receive holistic and hands-on assistance for their energy-related initiatives.

Expert Guidance On

Accessing utility, state, and federal grants and incentives.  


Waste Reduction Services

CET boasts extensive expertise in commercial waste reduction.

For over two decades, we have held a regional leadership position in waste reduction and diversion. Pioneering some of the country’s first food waste composting programs, we have garnered recognition for our award-winning waste reduction efforts.

We advise on state and local policies and programs nationwide. 

Wasted Food

Our team of waste reduction consultants are ready to assist at every level. Whether through hands-on training, email and telephone technical assistance.

Construction & Demolition Waste

We offer training, policy guidance, and resources to recover and recycle waste generated from construction and demolition.

Zero Waste Planning

We provide tailored support for comprehensive waste reduction, recycling program design and implementation.

Management of Recycling Streams

We offer valuable industry and government resources including case studies in both video and print formats, best management practice documents, how-to guides, and expert advice on policy and program design.

100+ Decarbonization Experts

We have decarbonization expertise in waste reduction, energy efficiency, and electrification solutions.

We meet customers where they are and facilitate projects through implementation. Also, we provide technical recommendations, educations, service provider connections, and support accessing state and federal incentives and tax credits.

Engaging Customers for Success

Our expertise in decarbonization is marked by exceptional success in customer engagement. Beyond providing robust customer support, we offer a comprehensive suite of services in sales and marketing.

On-site or virtual meetings
No cost for businesses or institutions

What We Offer…


Program administration and lead vendor services.
Program design & implementation
Innovative pilot programming
Building decarbonization services.

Government & Foundations

Decarbonization consultation and implementation.
Waste solutions at a city, regional, or state level.
Wasted food capacity building, training & resource development.
Dissemination, policy & programming, and technical assistance for waste generators.

Business & Industry

Comprehensive decarbonization roadmaps and support services.
Waste solutions including wasted food and hard-to-recycle items.
Energy efficiency and electrification recommendations, incentives, and rebates.
Local carbon reduction projects.


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What Clients Are Saying

CET works very hard to find the solutions that work for individual farmers, business, and folks in our community

George Krivda


CET has been a leader in the efficiency movement in our region, helping business, helping households, and governments make smarter decisions.

Jim Langevin

Former Congressman Rhode Island

Its been a pleasure to work with CET because they have the opportunity to have a broader picture

Christine Beling


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We’re excited to help you decarbonize with energy and waste solutions.

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We envision a world that has embraced and advanced just and resilient climate solutions.

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