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Expanding Vermont’s Wasted Food Solutions: A Collaborative Effort by CET

Vermont has well-established resources and information available through the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VT ANR) and local solid waste management districts and alliances.

CET and VT ANR share information and best practices on wasted food prevention and diversion. Furthermore, we were honored to present at the 2016 Vermont Organics Recycling Summit and the Vermont Act 148 Business Outreach Group to help the state make progress on achieving its ACT 148 goals.

To learn more about CET’s work in Vermont and to get involved, contact CET today at 888-813-8552 or e-mail

Wasted Food Resources for Businesses · Vermont

Below are external resources curated by waste reduction specialists and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. Moreover, CET is a partner to aid your journey in combating wasted food.

EPA Wasted Food Scale

CET utilizes the EPA’s Wasted Food Scale as a guiding tool to assist businesses, including restaurants, universities, colleges, event organizers, supermarkets, churches, etc. Additionally, discover relevant partner resources on how to reduce the environmental impact of wasted food in your business across the scale.

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