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Reducing Waste

The Business Case: Apponaug Brewery

Reducing Waste: The Business Case of Apponaug Brewery

According to ReFED, in 2019 U.S. businesses generated approximately 50 million tons of surplus food – equivalent to 80 billion meals, resulting in a $244 billion loss across the foodservice, retail, manufacturing, and farm sectors.

By reducing waste, you can avoid various purchasing and disposal costs, while also helping to feed food-insecure people in your community. Additionally, this initiative provides a tax benefit for your business. Moreover, you’ll contribute to a positive environmental impact by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with wasted food in landfills.

Business Case

CET captured stories of businesses that exemplify wasted food prevention, such as Apponaug Brewery in Warwick, Rhode Island. Apponaug’s waste reduction efforts received support from both CET and the 11th Hour Racing grant program.

Hear from these businesses on how they track waste, repurpose surplus, and reduce waste, ultimately leading to creative reuse and potential savings measures.

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